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We Did it! We made the move!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

So, I met my husband in Dublin Ireland. That was almost twenty years ago now. He is Italian and I am Irish. We fell in love and got married...in Dublin. We have stayed in Dublin for our entire married life. We worked, played, exercised and socialised in Dublin. Every year in July, we went to Fabio's hometown in Italy for our holidays. When the kids came along, we didn't change our habits much. We still went to Italy every July and we still lived and socialised in Dublin.

Our kids went to school in Dublin and they made their childhood friends in Dublin. We were like all our friends. Working hard to establish ourselves and give our kids the best of everything. Fabio worked harder and harder to get that nice house, that nice car, those holidays to remember - I worked as well and got childminders to help me manage the kids and a full time job. We both travelled with our jobs and we had no family around to help us. Basically, we were a typical middle class family in Dublin. That was until we weren't.

We have wanted for some time to 'slow down' and smell the flowers, as they say, but it seemed impossible to unpick ourselves from all the commitments we had. Our jobs, our social lives, our friends, our mortgage. Leaving it all behind seemed like a hopeless dream. That was...until this year.

This year, 2018, we untangled ourselves from our lives in Dublin and decided to take the road less travelled. We moved from the big smoke of Dublin to a small town in the south of Italy. Yep, that's right! We moved from a big busy city to a small town in the southern most tip of Europe and our teenage boys came with us!

It has been an adventure to say the least and we are still riding that wave. We have ups and downs, good days and bad, but I haven't regretted for one day (yet) our decision to do it.

I suppose the reason why we finally made the move was because we are pushing on in years (mid-forties) and we always had so many dreams and ambitions. We found ourselves on a treadmill unable to explore even the idea of fulfilling our dreams. I'm not saying we are living the dream at the moment but at least there is hope that we will eventually live the dream and if we don't at least we can say we gave it a go!

I'll be writing more about our journey as a family and the challenges we face as time goes by. So keep tuned!



Bye bye big city, hello small town!

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