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Hey! Slow Down!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hi Guys

How are you all doing? It's been a while. I always say that as I am not very regular at writing, I guess. Life gets in the way. In my defence, I have been writing and sending my first three chapters off to agents. No bites yet, but I am confident my agent is out there. Our energies are merging as I'm writing. Soon, she will come to me!

Anyway, it's back to business here in the South of Italy. My boys are back to school and I have become the taxi driver again. My eldest son started a new secondary school this year, the Liceo Artistico. He loves it. I am so grateful that he loves it as I was so nervous for him. It worked out and he is happy, yay!

My youngest guy, also started a new school this year. He is in the final year of middle school and we moved house so he had to move school too. So new schools for both my boys two years running. I am proud of them for how they have handled all the changes!

The first two weeks are always hectic and this time it's especially hectic as we moved house yet again! So it's time for me to tell myself - SLOW DOWN!

Thankfully, my baby likes his new school too. Both my boys are happy. The only problem with my youngest is that he finds it so so hard to sit for extended periods of time. This often gets him in trouble as the teachers think he is being disruptive. We've discussed this at length at this stage so now hopefully he has techniques to help him cope with this challenge. I tell him to get up and go to the toilet every now and then. To take a drink from his water bottle also to help keep him alert. I'm hoping he is mature enough this year not to let this become an issue for him. I guess all we can do is monitor the situation and chat to the teachers if needs be. I am also thinking of getting him a cushion for his seat as he is sitting on a wooden seat, which is terribly uncomfortable and only compounds things!

Isn't he gorgeous?

Watch this space...please get in touch if you have similar problems. Maybe we can work things out for them together! If you've had similar situations, I'd love to hear about them!

Namaste my sweeties


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