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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hello again my people.

I have just finished writing this blog post. So, I thought it appropriate to balance it out with a post about gratitude. In order to raise our vibration so that we are above the noise and clutter of everyday life, we need to be grateful for everything the good Lord has given us in our lives. So, after exploring a topic like the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ I felt the need to balance with a blog about gratitude.

Get this…even though I am on my spiritual journey and a little bit lost – I have so so so much that I am grateful for…read on...

What are you grateful for?

We have just moved country. Our boys started a new school last September. This is no easy feat for them as they are 12 and 14 and they have spent their entire childhood in the Irish school system. So, everything that they have learned up until now has been through English. We have now brought them over to Italy where everything is through Italian. They could speak Italian prior to this but they were very weak in writing it and reading it. We decided to throw them in the deep end with a little help from the teachers and a brilliant lady who does their homework with them. At first, we thought they were drowning, Matthew would come home every day with a bad headache from the strain of learning in a different language. Mark would be disruptive in class, probably because he could not easily follow what was going on. We were starting to get worried. However, a few months in, they are swimming and even getting good results in their exams. It’s still not easy for them but they are rising to the challenge!

Life here is much slower and warmer than in Ireland. We are in the south of Italy and so even though it is cold here now (about 7 degrees) it is not freezing like in Ireland. Every second day the sun shines brightly in the sky. The reason why I am writing about our move in a blog post about gratitude is that our family has undergone a change that not many families undergo while their children are going through the teenage years. However, our boys have really risen to the challenge. Bar a few complaints at the beginning and when we argue, they have embraced this way of life to the full. They have made good friends here and they interact fully in their school.

They are good boys.

We have our moments, but I am truly proud of the young men they are becoming. They are teenagers in every way, energetic, demanding and loud but they are also considerate and kind. They can identify injustice happening in our world and they want to understand why it is happening and how to stop it. We talk about things over dinner that makes me aware of their thought patterns and how they reason things out. I am proud to say they are growing up with empathy and curiosity. They are typical teenagers but when they get serious you get an insight into their thinking and how they are planning for their future. It always entails doing something for the planet or for endangered animals. I hope their visions for the future last and they make a difference in our world. They have so much to give.

Fabio, my husband is also a great source of gratitude for me. We first met in the spring of 1999. We have had our ups and downs over the last twenty years, but my life has been so very much enriched by having him by my side. He is intelligent, but also wise beyond his years. He THINKS a lot. Not just about his work but about everything. He thinks about his kids and how to best support them through their childhood. He thinks about his mother and sister and what is best for them as well. He has a great sense of responsibility, maybe too much sometimes. I worry about his health with everything that he takes on. But he is my rock, my inspiration and my reference point.

I am also grateful for the fact that my husband can provide for us financially. I see people very close to me who are struggling with money issues and it can have a devastating effect on them and their families. The stress that it brings can be crippling. It can rob you of your confidence in both yourself and in the people you love. It can break down trust between people who truly love each other, but, given the pressure of financial loss, break apart. I am forever grateful that God has blessed us with financial security.

I am blessed with a close extended family. Even though we have moved away from Ireland, I have managed to stay very close to my two sisters. I am in the middle, I have a younger sister and an older sister. We keep in touch via Viber and Whatsapp and I know what is going on in their lives for the most part. I have always been close to my older sister. We went to college together and we helped each other when our kids were young. She was a great help to me because her kids were a few years older than mine, so she had been through it all by the time I had my guys. She was a pillar of strength. She was always on the end of the phone and always organising trips away and visits to each other. It is only in recent years that I have become close to my younger sister. She has recently had two kiddies in close succession, so I think she feels the need for family a bit more. Even though she is surrounded by friends where she lives. There is nothing like family.

My parents are also young parents and still very active. They retired recently and they are really enjoying it! They worked all their lives, both of them. Now, they deserve to have a long and happy retirement together. They got married at the beginning of the ‘summer of love’ in 1969. Next year they’ll be fifty years married. I’m not even half way there yet! Next year myself and Fabio will be married seventeen years but together for twenty. They are blessed with good health and vitality and long may it last. Their grandchildren keep them young as well. They have nine grandchildren so they have to stay on their toes.

I am also grateful for the simple things in life. The sun shining through my window on a December morning. A hug from my boys. A day when I am feeling pain free! Our wonderful cat Charlie who is always looking for cuddles. My friends both here and Dublin. The children I teach English to, they are so sweet!

I have an idea…why don’t we create a GRATITUDE journal where everyday we all write something for which we are grateful. I’ll start it straight away!

I love you all people and thank you for reading my posts



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