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Lifestyle: 10 Simple Daily Exercises

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

If you are like me, moving up in the years and still loving/caring for your kids as well as loving/caring for your parents as well as keeping a job going, then getting exercise into your day can be tough sometimes. Did I say sometimes? Change that to always.

That's why I have added this page to help us all take some time out for ourselves and keep that body young and fit...I'm trying to sound inspiring - it is working?

Anyway, instead of giving you yet another list of exercises that you SHOULD be doing (can we remove the word SHOULD from the English dictionary?), like so many blogs do these days, I'm suggesting we come together and put our favourite exercises together as a team!

I love yoga. I've done yoga my entire adult life. Well, off and on, I should say. In fact, very off and on! I've gone years without doing any but I really want to step it up a bit. So the exercises that I am planning on doing will be mostly based on my yoga background. I would love it if you ladies out there could shake it up a bit and add some variety.

I'll get the ball rolling. Here is my first simple exercise that I think can be squashed in at some point in most days, that is if you have an inkling of a desire to squash. However, the inkling needs to be there, otherwise there just won't be enough time...I hear you! But come on, try and muster that inkling...go on, I dare you!

See that gorgeous lady in the picture? (That is not me by the way). Well if you have some weights - similar to hers - you can do the first exercise. If you don't have weights get something from the kitchen, like 2 litres of milk and do the following:

  1. Stand up straight, while holding the weights (milk) down by your side.

  2. Take a deep breath in and slowly lift those weights as you breathe in, until you are doing what that gorgeous lady is doing in the photo.

  3. Exhale and hold the position.

  4. Inhale and keeping holding.

  5. Do this five times and slowly drop your arms down to your sides again.

Hey presto! You've done the first exercise in our sequence!

Now can you share??

Namaste people xx


Thanks Wix for the nice photo - if only I looked like that...

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